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Allen Maxenberger

14710 Cantrell Rd.

Little Rock, AR. 72223

Tel: 501-612-0305

Personal Training
With Allen Maxenberger
With 30+ years of practical personal training experience, I will personally develop a training program to fit your Age, Health, Injuries, Fitness Level, Life Style and Budget.

Our 30 minute training sessions, Online, or in Person are designed to efficiently maximize results in a reasonable amount of time. With 2-4 days of training per week, our clients will effectively Tone Muscles, Reduce Body Fat, improve Cardiovascular Endurance, improve Functional Strength, and add Quality Years to their Life.

While PROGRESSIVELY getting more done in LESS TIME!!







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About Us

Allen Maxenberger

Personal Trainer

ISSA Certified since 1994

Certified Fitness Trainer, Certified Youth Fitness, Specialty in Fitness for Older Adults'

OTA Certified Online Fitness Trainer

Here at Amaxfitness Personal Training, General Fitness is our priority, while improving the ability to perform your normal daily activities. One-on-one Personal Training in Studio, as well as Online Personal Training, or a combination of both are available. We will help you determine what workout is best suited for you, and what workout you will most likely enjoy doing on a consistent basis. All training sessions are 30 minutes and designed to fit into your busy schedule, making it possible for everyone to improve their over all health, increase their fitness level, lower their body fat, increase their cardiovascular function and improve their over all muscle tone. No More Excuses!!!!

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