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      Online Personal Fitness Coaching

                                                  The Advantage Is Yours!!!!

Online Coaching may be NEW, but offers an excellent opportunity to get most of the Benefits of In Person training, and so much More!!! My #1 goal is to do everything I can to make your online experience personal, and tailored to suit your individual needs.

Workouts are 30-40 Minutes each, 2-4 Days a week, and are designed to Progressively get More done in Less time. Start at the Beginning and progressively improve at your own Pace. With a Focus on Progression not Perfection!!

Workouts are designed for at Home or In Gym training. All workouts are designed and tailored to your own Personal Goals, and the Equipment that you have available. If training at home, some Inexpensive equipment may be suggested, but not required.

Nutritional Guidance is available, with an Emphasis on Moderation not Deprivation. We will work together to establish sustainable Habits, and The Proper Mindset to Achieve and Maintain your Desired Result, by making Small Consistent Changes that lead to Big Long Term Results!!! 

            We Offer Three Online Training Packages.

  All Packages Include:

  • Free Client App

  • In App Messaging

  • Email Support

  • Accountability Phone Calls

  • Personalized Workout Programming

  • In App Workout Tracking and Support

  • Nutritional Support

  • Video Example of Each Exercise

  • Accountability

  • Your Own Personal Certified Online Fitness Coach




Online training programs will be developed for you personally based on fitness level, available equipment, and physical limitations

Nutritional Guidance

Online training programs come complete with Nutritional Guidelines, Habit Coaching, Continued Support, and Food Tracking


All online training programs include your own Certified Online Trainer to monitor training and nutrition compliance 


Every online training program comes with Email and Text Support as well as  Accountability Phone Calls

                         What People Are Saying

Shanon S.

Allen is Wonderful! Always motivating and encouraging. He truly cares about helping you reach your fitness goals. Allen has helped me lose 30lbs in the last 5 months! So thankful for Amaxfitness!

Carolyn W.

I love training with Allen Maxenberger. I've made great progress losing bodyfat and toning muscles since I started 6 months ago. His diet and exercise programs  work!!

Wayne T.

Allen is an Awesome Trainer!! If you want to get back into shape, contact Allen, but be prepared to put in the work!

           7 Advantages

     Of Online Training

   Online Packages

Train on your        Own



Train at Home


In The Gym


    Stronger Accountability   and Support


 Free Client App to Track      Progress


    Video   Examples of  Each Exercise


The Structure   Needed to      Succeed


  More Cost Effective Than   Face to Face




  8 WEEK/$399.00

 12 WEEK/$499.00

 16 WEEK/$599.00


  • Free Client App      

  • Workout Programming

  • In App Workout Tracking and Support

  • Nutritional Support

  • Email Support (1Email per Week)   

  • In App Messaging

  • Accountability Phone Calls (Bi Weekly, 13 Minutes ea.)

  •  Video Example of Each Exercise

  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Goal Setting

  • Your Own Personal Online Coach

              Add On Features Available




Allen Maxenberger

14710 Cantrell Rd. Suite B7

Little Rock, Arkansas. 72223 

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